The Beatles Word Game
Easy Version (switch to hard version)

by Elizabeth Martin and Kristen Murphy

Highlight the blank area to the right of each clue to reveal the answer.

Bring To Pass Your Affection For Me 

I Perceived That Female In An Upright Posture In That Place 


Ms. Karenina (Approach That Man) 

Series of Interlocked Metal Rings 

Prepubescent Males 

Inquire of Me Wherefore 

I Beseech You To Gratify Me 

Epistolary Codicil: I Am Enamored of You 

Cherub, It Ain't Me 

Are You Desirous of Being Cognizant Of An Occult Datum 

A Soupçon of Processed Nectar 

A Locality Exists 

Writhe and Vociferate 

The Second Person Pronoun as Indirect Object; Signed, Yours Truly 

Gramercy, Young Woman 

That Female is Infatuated with You 

I Shall Acquire Thee 

I Desiderate to Intertwine Our Digits 

The Indicated Minor Male 

The Remaining Time is Dwindling 

The Only Action That I Am Required To Perform 

The Sum of My Affection 

Refrain from Vexing My Person 

Petite Descendant 

Prior to the Commencement of Your Existence 

Deliverer of Epistles, I Entreat Thee 

Out of the Way, Ludwig! 

Embrace Me Unyielding 

Verily, Thou Art Grasping Me 

I Aspire to Become Thy Significant Other 

Beelzebub Within Her Vascular Organ 

An Ur-Repetition, Negated 


Charge Of Remarkable Length and Height 

Your Praenomen is Proclaimed by Me 


Incendiary Repository 

An Operose Diurnal Eventide 

Hindsight is 20/20 

On the Condition of My Succumbing 

I Exult When I Merely Engage in Terpsichorean Behavior With You 

In Addition, I Harbor Romantic Sentiments Toward Her 

Explicate to Me Your Apologia 

Money Cannot Procure Adoration with Respect to Me 

A Completely Unspecified Temporal Duration 

Alternatively, I Shall Weep 

The Utterances You and I Divulged Within Our Recent Set of Waking Hours 

On the Occasion of My Arriving At My Domicile 

A Particular Action Is Beyond Your Ability To Perform 

My Return Shall Occur 

My Emotional Condition is Satisfactory 

That Particular Female Has Matured 

Lacking an Antiphon 

I Identify as a Ne'er-do-well 

My Darling Dresses in Sables 

Euterpean Innovation of the 1950s 

I Intend To Pursue The Naturally Occurring Hydrogen Reactor 

Lord of Lunar Luminescence 

Conglomeration: Multi-State Midwestern Metropolis/Hello Hi Greetings Salutations 

An Octave of 24-Hour Intervals Per Se'ennight 

Erotic Verbiage 

Darling Forbear 

Minutiae Without Exception 

It Is Not My Intent to Ruin This Soirée 

Pertaining to Your Current Behavior 

The Entire Population Is Essaying To Attain The Title Of "Sweetheart" With Regard To Me 


I Am A Negative Value On The Z-Axis 




Thou Art Under a Compulsion to Obscure Thy Amorous Sentiment 

You Are Indispensable To Me 

A Surrogate Nymphet 

You Will Become Bereft of A Particular Young Female 

The Credentials Permitting One to Make a Journey 

Conduct Yourself In An Organic Manner 

It Is Merely an Infatuation 

You Bear Excessive Positive Regard Toward Me 

Disclose To Me That Which You Perceive 

I Recently Witnessed a Visage 

The Last Day Bygone 

Vertiginous Ms. Elizabeth 

One Who Falls During the Interval Between Sunrise and Sunset 

You and I Are Able to Come to an Amicable Resolution 

Pilot the Automobile in My Possession 

Scandinavian Lumber (A Particular Avian Animal Just Hightailed) 

You Will Not Grant Me Audience 

A Male Homo Sapiens Relating to No Place in Particular 

Cogitate Independently 


Francophone Archangel In Drag 

That Which Transpires 

Feminine Child 

You Are Penetrated By My Gaze 

Throughout the Timespan Between My Nascency and Quietus 


In the Event Of My Requiring a Non-specified Personage 

Flee to Preserve Your Élan Vital 

Pulp Scribe 

Precipitation Occurring Between the Temperatures of 32 and 212 Degrees Fahrenheit 

Governmental Revenue Collector 

Woman Named For An Anglo-Gallic Female Monarch and a Mispronounced Sport Akin to American Football 

I Am Merely Generating Delta Brain Waves 

Admire Thee Towards 

At This Place, At That Place, And In All Places 

Jaundiced Bathysphere 

The Female Uttered (Ditto) 

Salutations, Ultra-Violet Radiation 

Plus the Feathered Vertebrate Belonging to You Is Able to Cantillate 

Dedicated to Nobody 


I Desire to Notify You 

My Obligation is to Share My Existence With You 

There Is No Circumstance In Which The Day After Today Is Aware 

2/25 of a Bit Avenue 

Interminable Meadows of Diminutive Vermilion Fruits 

The Ensemble of the Coalition of Unmated Regularly Pulsating Muscles Belonging to Officer Habañero 

By Means of Some Succor from My Compatriots 

Ricky's Consort Aloft, Accompanied By Lumps Of Anthracite Which Were Previously Subjected To Extreme Temperatures and Pressures 


Causing a Pit to be Stationary 

That Female Is Egressing From Her Place Of Residence 

Existing In Order To Amplify The Well-Being of a Male Bearing the Moniker of An Implement Of Vernal Recreation 

Contained By The Second Person Lacking The Being I Am Addressing 

Upon My Attainment of Three Score and Four Years of Existence 

Winsome Diminutive Of Margaret 

Splendid Aurora, Delightful Dayspring 

Corporal-Supervisor Barrage's Spinsters Society Orchestra (Resurrection) 

A Terrestrial Rotation During The Interval Between Conception and Expiration 

Affection is Your Sole Requirement 

Infant, You Are An Affluent Y-Chromosome Bearing Adult 

Greetings Valediction 

I Exist as the Odobenus Rosmarus 

Thaumaturgic Enigma Peregrination 

Harlequin Upon The Precipice 

Engaging In Locomotive Activity In The Firmament 

Boulevard of the Beaked Cerulean Vertebrate 

The Matriarch is in a Position of Apprehending 

A Mere Boreal Ditty 

In Unison at This Moment 

Hello Canine with Dewlaps 

It Is Excessive In Its Entirety 

The Noble Virgin Mary 

The Interior Incandescence 

Greetings, Patron of Hopeless Endeavors 

Governmental Abrogation 

Having Returned To The Trans-Continental Marxist Nation-State 

Beloved Modesty 

Glazed Bulbous Vegetable 

Existence Continues 

Non-domesticated Tart of Hymenopteran Nutriment 

The Non-Terminal Account of Single-Story Dwelling Willie 

During The Temperate Discharge of Lachrymose Fluid From My Six-Stringed Wooden Implement 

Bliss Equals A Radiant Sidearm 

Lazarus's Sister, Cherished by Me 

My Being is in a Soporific State 


Mammals Proscribed For Semitic Gustation 

Petrous Nocturnal Carnivorous Mammal 

Refrain From Superseding Me 

What Reason Prevents Us from Copulating on the Tarmacadam? 

It Is My Intent To 

Caesar's Daughter 

Commemoration of Nascence 

Thy Doldrums 

Scion of Gaia 

All Persons, Excluding Myself and the Primate in My Possession, Feel They Must Adumbrate 

Seductive Miss Hawkins 


Yearn, Prolix, Extended 

Orbit Prime 

A Pastry Concocted from an Apiarian Product 

Coveted Fungus Relating To A French County 

Exclaim Newborn Blubber 

Coup d'état Cube Root of 729 

Nocturnal Farewell 

We Compose an Even Prime Number 

Excavate a Diminutive Equine 

The Diameter of the Totality 

Ego, the Objective Case of the First Personal Pronoun, the Set Belonging to Oneself 

Quarry That 

Allow That to Exist 

Margaret Mavis, Informally 

I Possess a Particular Sentiment 


The Sinuous Thoroughfare of Exceptional Duration 

To Be Thine Lapis 


Meet My Expectations 

You are Cognizant of my Nomenclature (Reference the Digits) 

The Extended Poetic Account of the Apostle and Ocean Child 

Superannuated Sorrel Footwear 


Je Ne Sais Quoi 

The Argent Sledge Belonging to Mr. Headroom 

Vocative Precious 

The Horticultural Laboratory of the Cephalopod 

My Salacious Yen for You (That Female Is Excessively Meritorious) 

Sol Approaches 


On No Occasion Have You Bestowed Your Pecuniary Assets Upon Me 

Solar Autocrat 

Parsimonious Monsieur Moxy 

Saran Wrap Cooking Spray 

The Female's Mode of Ingress Was Via The Lavatory Fenestra 

Gilded Repose 

Uphold The Designated Avoirdupois 


Her Royal Highness 

Possessing Liberty Equal to That of an Avian 

Bona Fide Amative Fervor