"In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed
and the first of that which comes; so with present time."

— Leonardo da Vinci

May 13, 2022
Updated the Podfic page (through "an observer's guide to lovestruck cultivators").

December 31, 2021
Updated the Podfic page (through "A Proper Education").

November 13, 2021
Updated the Podfic page (through "Halfway Up the Mountain Path").

September 29, 2021
Updated the Podfic page (through "A Nightingale Sang in Russell Square").

August 21, 2021
Updated the Podfic page (through "Entangled").

March 22, 2021
Updated the Podfic page (through "Everything Where It Was, Everything Still Ahead").

May 17, 2020
Updated the Podfic page (through "Immanent, Transcendent, and Material").

August 17, 2019
Updated the Podfic page (through "The Hands of a King are the Hands of a Healer").

September 16, 2018
Updated the Podfic page (through "Talents").

August 19, 2018
Updated the Podfic page (through "Relic") and updated links to podfic files.

January 14, 2018
Updated the Podfic page (through "Tipping Point").

January 16, 2017
Updated the Podfic page (through "You're Just My Cup of Tea").

February 28, 2016
Updated the Podfic page (through "we are here and it is now").

February 21, 2015
Updated the Podfic page (through "Howl").

November 29, 2014
Updated the Podfic page (through "Young Men and Fast Cars").

September 1, 2014
Updated the Podfic page (through "What We Do Is What You Just Can't Do").

July 18, 2014
Updated the Podfic page (through "Ascension World").

February 15, 2014
Updated the Podfic page (through "A Child of Our Time").

October 10, 2013
Updated the Podfic page (through "Big Sky Country").

January 4, 2013
Updated the Podfic page (through "To Drive the Cold Winter Away").

March 20, 2012
Condensed metadata on Podfic page.

January 25, 2012
Reorganized some content and retired the Collins and Web Design pages.

January 10, 2012
Updated the Podfic page (through "Meditatio").

June 27, 2011
Updated the Podfic page (through "Satedan Justice").

May 23, 2011
Updated the Podfic page (through "Tea and Sympathy").

April 20, 2011
Updated the Podfic page (through "And I Miss You Still").

February 5, 2011
Posted two recent podfics ("Untying" and "How the Winds Are Laughing").

December 11, 2010
Posted "Another Day at the Office" (podfic).

September 10, 2010
Added posting dates to fanfic page.

September 9, 2010
Rearranged fanfic metadata and posted "Blind Date," a fic from 2008 that hadn't made it onto the site yet.

August 31, 2010
Added notes section to podfic metadata.

August 30, 2010
Updated the Podfic page.

August 27, 2010
The big changes are finished: Angel Grove and the Beatles section have both been retired, and I've moved some of their content (fic, haiku, and the word game) into other sections. Also installed a favicon!

August 26, 2010
Reorganized the site into three main categories: Collins, Fandom, and Web Design. I've created a few new pages (including one for podfic) and will be trimming some old ones in the coming weeks.

August 16, 2010
Retired the Links page and made some preliminary, flailing gestures toward reorganization. More changes to come.

May 5, 2010
Posted "Tell Me What You See."

January 21, 2010
Posted "Different from Your Own."

September 17, 2009
Posted "The Sketchbook."

August 21, 2009
Fixed broken links

February 7, 2009
Added Imagine Health to the Web Design page.

November 25, 2008
Posted "Where the Currents Lead."

October 25, 2008
Posted "Autumnal."

August 25, 2008
Added screencap to "The Jedi Masters."

August 3, 2008
Removed "The Tragedy of Alex and Tina."

July 27, 2008
Posted "The Jedi Masters" (my first X-Files fic!).

March 20, 2008
Posted a new Highlander fic, "Rate Your Students," and reorganized the Writings page. Added the DU site to the Web Design page.

February 24, 2008
Minor tweaks to "To Drive the Cold Winter Away"; added the new IMP site to the Web Design page.

January 26, 2008
The Navigator is now offline; updated the Web Design page accordingly.

December 9, 2007
Reorganized the PR fanfic page and removed some of the more, er, melodramatic poetry.

December 2, 2007
Posted a new Highlander fic, "To Drive the Cold Winter Away."

October 26, 2007
Posted a new QL fic, "Ghost in the Machine."

April 4, 2007
Added link to Earth Prime

March 17, 2007
Added the Beatles haiku page.

March 10, 2007
Burris redesign went live last weekend; updated the link accordingly.

February 18, 2007
Migrated the Beatles pages into the new Lagoon core template.

February 16, 2007
Fixed header, etc. on the 404 page.

February 4, 2007
This month is the 10th anniversary of the Purple Lagoon, and how better to celebrate than with a massive overhaul? The Lagoon core pages have been redesigned, the Phantom and X-Files pages have been retired, Friends has been merged with Links, and there's a new 404 error page so folks won't get lost navigating it all. There's also a new fanfic going live with this update: "Road Trip," my first foray into Northern Exposure. Here's to the next ten years!

January 15, 2007
Posted "Homecoming" in Angel Grove since The Fanfic Shoppe is closing down. Thanks to Kittie for 10 years of hosting and encouragement.

January 7, 2007
"Hour of the Phoenix" is finished.

October 28, 2006
Redesign of Angel Grove (Painted Desert version)

May 6, 2006
Created a test environment for future design projects. The mad cackling you may hear certainly has nothing to do with what I have nicknamed it. No siree. Also posted a new QL fic, "A Real Girl."

January 3, 2006
Posted a new fic, "Storms in the Desert." Ye gods, the writer's block hath finally ended.

September 10, 2005
Lots of new pictures on the Beatles page. Also replaced the contact form with Javascript tags and made some updates to the Friends page.

August 14, 2005
Split the old Creations page into two separate pages: Writings and Web Design. Also rewrote the homepage text.

July 28, 2005
Reformatted this page: the first of several smallish cosmetic/structural changes to come in the next few months.

June 28, 2005
Collinsites.org is now open (finally!)

March 30, 2005
Added Devon's Ghost promo page to the Aisha shrine.

January 30, 2005
Added Elaine and George's site to Creations.

January 23, 2005
Anti-spam machinations. *grin*

November 23, 2004
Minor tweaks to the Links page.

November 4, 2004
Replaced mailto tags with a form-to-email link to keep spam out of my virgin e-mail account.

September 26, 2004
The Purple Lagoon has a new home at www.purplelagoon.org!

August 22, 2004
Added an entry for Shinboku Square in Angel Grove. Happy birthday, Trini!

August 18, 2004
Added a link to my mommy! Also removed a dead link in the Aisha shrine and updated the Updates page.

August 12, 2004
Removed broken links in AG.

August 7, 2004
Redesigned the Phantom pages in CSS. They will probably not receive further updates, except for the occasional link check.

August 2, 2004
Tiny tweak to Angel Grove main page

August 1, 2004
Redesigned A Shrine to Aisha Campbell in CSS

July 31, 2004
Added a link in Angel Grove

July 18, 2004
Redesigned Angel Grove in CSS (Vasquez Blue version). (Sensing a pattern here?) Also made a belated tweak to the Disclaimer to reflect the Disney buyout of PR.

July 6, 2004
Redesigned the Lagoon core in CSS! Also made some tweaks to the Links and Friends pages.

June 9, 2004
Removed the Power Ranger Biographies.

April 3, 2004
Major revisions to the Beatles section, making it the first part of the Lagoon to use CSS. Also added the Beatles word game!

February 12, 2004
Added a link to the Academic Costume Code.

January 4, 2004
Added The Tragedy of Alex and Tina, because I am insane.

January 3, 2004
Added link to Beatles page on the Links page.

December 30, 2003
Added a link to Duncan's blog.

December 17, 2003
Another quick update to the Friends page.

December 14, 2003
Updated the Friends page. It's snowing!

October 18, 2003
Added a Beatles Picture Gallery.

April 22, 2003
Fixed broken links on the Fanfic page. Happy Earth Day!

April 4, 2003
New links on Beatles page

March 26, 2003
Added "The Navigator" to Creations

March 19, 2003
Beatles page created

March 19, 2003
Redid background to be 1024 x 768 compatible

March 1, 2003
Redesign of Lagoon core and reorganization of entire site

December 8, 2002
"Lamplighter's Haven" is now online!

June 26, 2002
Updated homepage and links

June 23, 2002
Added "In Time" (new fic) in Angel Grove

February 19, 2002
Updated links page

February 9, 2002
Updated Creations page

September 20, 2001
Revamped graphics in Aisha shrine

September 17, 2001
Added "Angel" video to Aisha shrine

July 17, 2001
Revised and redesigned Modern Rangers page

July 2, 2001
New images in Aisha shrine

June 19, 2001
New images in Aisha shrine

May 21, 2001
Added Creations page

November 28, 2000
Complete redesign of Angel Grove (from the original black-background version to the indigo/rainbow version)

No records of updates, save two: the now-defunct Angel Grove hit counter was added March 31, 1998, and "A Shrine to Aisha Campbell" opened on July 16, 1998.

February 1997
The Purple Lagoon goes online