by juniperphoenix

At least before, the time felt right
A child in a child's world
A grown-up mind sent spinning on a wild ride to way back when
Two moments in time colliding, combining
A little heart said it was right
A displaced mind knew it was wrong
Get the world back on track
Bring some sanity back
Only you can do it, you can always find a way
So he did
And there was a way, for one
But only one
And it only feels worse
For he is right
And they're still wrong
Or is it the other way?
Swirling, falling, lost, displaced
Trapped… this isn't right…
The right person in the wrong time
Called back from the future… or shot forward into it
Accelerated towards some dimly-remembered fate
Grasping at straws
The power that once was so real now slips through his fingers
And there is nothing he can do
But be a false hope
A helpless protector
Guarding friends that can't understand
Can't know what it's like to be trapped outside time
Forced in where he doesn't belong
And waiting.

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