Many thanks are due to the following people and sites for helping make this shrine possible:

SentaiRick at The Rangerplex, who kindly gave me permission to use his screen grabs. The majority of my images came from his site. (Note: The Rangerplex no longer features PR content.)

Joe Rovang, whose Trivia Guide (precursor to the incomparable Writer's Guide) provided tons of info on Aisha.

Sarah Cloud, for the use of her "Angel" video.

Carlos from The Ninjetti Temple (which has since closed) for his MMPR:TM pics.

Jason Takach, a.k.a. MegaBlue, for letting me use his MMPR snaps. (His site also seems to have closed.)

Dsd915, for MMPR:TM pics from her David Yost site.

Hollywood Online's MMPR:TM site, where I found some pictures and biographical info.

The Internet Movie Database, my source for KAJ's birthdate.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie Scrapbook— A Behind the Scenes Look, by Tony Oliver

Gini's Connoisseur Collection (yet another site that has apparently closed), where I found the sunflower/kaleidoscope background.