Taking care of business

"Aisha" is an African name that means "life." It's very fitting for the Yellow Ranger. Aisha is optimistic, bubbly, and full of energy; the Ranger Zordon called "spirited and clever." Her personality is a strong complement to Kimberly, and they are almost like sisters. As a friend, Aisha is warm and loving. She is honest and not afraid to speak her mind… at times, she could even use a bit of tact. Although we've seen a little of her vulnerable side, she's generally a very strong person, supportive of her friends and ready to stand up for them.

Aisha started out attending Stone Canyon High School. Her best friend there was Shawna Hilton, whom she had known since the first grade. However, Aisha also hung out a lot with Adam and Rocky, her ninja teammates. Unfortunately, the ninjas caught the attention of Lord Zedd, who planned to turn them into an evil warrior team. They were rescued by the Power Rangers, learning their identities in the process.

Once they knew the Rangers' identities, Aisha and the guys helped them out in several battles. By the time Jason, Trini, and Zack left for Switzerland, the ninjas had already proved themselves and were the obvious choices to carry on the powers. Aisha became the Yellow Ranger and transferred to Angel Grove in what was presumably her sophomore year.

Aisha continued as a Ranger for about a year and a half. She and Kimberly became best friends, and Kim even lived with the Campbells for a while. After Kim left, Aisha befriended Kat and helped her adjust to the team. Young Aisha

Aisha's Ranger career ended as the team was making its transition to Zeo. Her Zeo quest took her to a small village in Africa, where a mysterious plague was threatening the entire balance of life. After finding her subcrystal, Aisha decided to remain in the village to work with the animals. Tanya Sloan went to Angel Grove in her place, and became Zeo Ranger II.

Although she hasn't been back to Angel Grove, it's possible that Aisha still keeps in touch with her friends. She kept her communicator, and has also written to Tanya at least once. Other than the Rangers, though, it's unclear whether the people of Angel Grove remember her.

Ranger Powers

As the Yellow Ranger, Aisha has controlled the Griffin ThunderZord, the Bear NinjaZord, and the Yellow ShogunZord. Her weapons are the Power Daggers. In MMPR:TM, Aisha had something called the Power Beam, which involved the tiger eyes on her helmet turning into high-powered headlights.


Aisha with her grandmother

Aisha comes from a caring, middle-class family. Her parents seem to be very generous people, as they had no problem inviting Kimberly into their home after Mrs. Hart moved to France. She has a grandmother who lives out of town, and to whom she is very close. Ashalla, whom Aisha met on her Zeo Quest, is apparently her great-aunt. Her great-great-great-grandmother was Miss Alicia, who lived in Angel Grove in 1880 and was the first human to use the Yellow Power Coin.

Hobbies and Talents

Aisha is a very multi-talented person. We first saw her with Adam and Rocky on Stone Canyon's ninja team, which won the county championship. She studied dance as a child (although it's unknown whether she continued this in high school), and she is also a triathlete. She is apparently a good writer as well, since she won an essay contest to become the AGH fire safety captain. Aisha can also sing and play the keyboard. She and Katherine wrote and performed the song "Angel," which won a competition to become the new school song of Angel Grove High. Aisha can also draw well, and she knows how to pick locks with a hairpin. She loves to read and work with animals (except for rats!), and shares Kim's love of shopping. Aisha is a member of the Angel Girls' Club, a sorority-type organization at Angel Grove High.

Career History

Before moving to Angel Grove, Aisha spent three summers working at a radio station. However, her aspiration was to work in the fashion business. Later, she became interested in animals, and did volunteer work at an animal shelter in Angel Grove. When Aisha went on her Zeo Quest to Africa, she felt that this experience had prepared her to help find a cure for the plague affecting the local animals. I think it's safe to assume that she'll end up in veterinary medicine.